Our Founder Answers Alchemy Kit Questions

Our Founder Answers Alchemy Kit Questions

Why did our founder Leah invent Alchemy Kits?!

We sat down with our candle magician in chief, Leah McHenry, to ask about the inspiration and idea behind the Alchemy kit! 
Our questions are below with her answers for you!
Where did you get the idea for an Alchemy Kit?
This idea was sparked by the question of how we could help our heroes increase the feeling of an immersive candle experience. Burning Mythologie candles is already an experience in and of itself, however, what if you want a different kind of experience? A fun monthly ritual that feels customized and personal, but without too much mess?
And that's when the idea struck me like lightning!
If we provide everything needed in a kit, including our signature pre-scented wax, then one would be guaranteed to be able to make a perfect Mythologie candle every time.
AND... with the added element of surprise and wonder...it would be something to look forward to each month. A gift to yourself.
My motto in creating Alchemy Kits was: it has to be easy, it has to be fun, and it can't compromise on the scent. Everything we bring to the table must ADD to your Mythologie experience.
Are they easy to use?
Alchemy kits are pretty much foolproof. Our luxurious coconut-blend wax is already pre-scented for your convenience, so there's no worrying about leaks, spills, or broken glass bottles of fragrance oil. If you can use a microwave, then you're golden ;)
There are 11 steps:
  1. Open your Alchemy kit and be overcome with wonder and amazement
  2. Jump up and down with excitement for the scent you got
  3. Take all the contents out of the bag
  4. Prep your vessel
  5. Melt and pour the wax
  6. Feel accomplished and satisfied, watching the wax set and cure
  7. Trim the wick and light
  8. Place your candle in a safe spot and burn alongside your favorite movie, video game, tabletop adventure, or quiet reading session.
  9. Make another one!
  10. Add leftover wax to an ice cube tray for extra "wax melts"
  11. Eagerly anticipate next month's Alchemy kit to arrive... what will you get next???
What sort of people do you think will love Alchemy Kits?
People who love surprises.
People who love unique candles
People who love easy crafts
People who want something to look forward to every month
People who need a little "me time" escape
People who enjoy immersive experiences
People who are looking for a perfect gift!
What is your ultimate night in?
For me it's pizza, maybe a glass of wine, some kind of dessert, and a great movie. Maybe even a movie marathon. But to make it NEXT LEVEL, I have an assortment of candles to burn with the movie scenes to create the right atmosphere and make me feel like I'm IN the movie. If I'm organized, I have them pre-planned. So if we're watching a movie, I am going to have a few different candles ready to burn, and I'll start burning them a little while before it gets to the scenes/moods I want so that the fragrance has some time to fill the room.
Now, with Alchemy kits, making these candles with my kids will definitely become part of our movie night tradition.

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