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Six Egyptian-Themed Movies

Looking for films to transport you into the mysterious world of Ancient Egypt? Love a tale of adventure? Or a sweeping historical epic? We've put together a short list of Egyptian-themed films ... and also suggestions for which Sands of Time candle is the best accompaniment to burn while watching them.

The Mummy

It almost goes without saying, but this action adventure classic is a must see! Light horror/monster elements and some violence might make this movie a little much for young children, but if your family has pre-teens and up, it's a great family movie, entertaining for all ages. Plus it is supremely quotable.
Candle Pairing: We suggest burning Book of the Dead with its warm spice and incense fragrance to enhance the magical, spooky ambience of this film.
The Mummy Poster

Boris Karloff's "The Mummy"

While we love the 1999 movie, this black and white classic is also on our watch list. It's a little cheesy, but if you like old movies, you should give it a chance. Worth it just for Karloff's iconic performance.
Candle Pairing: The dry but soothing fragrances of sandalwood, carrot seed, and vanilla found in the Sarcophagus candle will draw you into the sandy deserts and ancient tombs.

Prince of Egypt

This gorgeously animated movie has a stellar soundtrack. Recounting the Biblical story of Moses and the Exodus with a star studded voice cast and epic musical numbers, this story is a treat for the entire family.
Candle Pairing: Desert Mirage will transport you to the banks of the Nile or the shores of the parting Red Sea with its fragrance of earth and cedar.
still from the Prince of Egypt


Do you like your Egyptology with a side of Science Fiction? Spawning a franchise with multiple television spin-offs, this 90s SciFi tale takes place on an alien planet connected to ours via wormhole and explores the modern myth of aliens intervening with ancient human civilizations, namely Egypt.
Candle Pairing: Light Pharaoh's Curse and be drawn into the dark, mysterious fragrances of Egyptian Oak Moss, sweet tonka beans, and charcoal.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

While only a portion of this story takes place in Egypt, the scenes that do are so classic ... plus do you really need an excuse to watch Indiana Jones?
Candle Pairing: Secret Pyramid Chamber evokes a hidden passage beneath the drifting sands with its currant and cassis leaf fragrance.


If you're looking for pure spectacle, this 1963 epic has you covered. At the time it was made, this four hour epic was the most expensive movie ever filmed. Between the expansive (and expensive) sets and the gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor in the titular role, this movie is a feast for the eyes.
Candle Pairing: Cruise on the Nile will put you right on Cleopatra's barge with this fruity but floral fragrance with a hint of dark tea.
still from Cleopatra 1963
Our Sands of Time collection launches May 26th. What are you planning to watch (or read or play) while you burn yours?

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