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Staff Entertainment Picks for Knightfall Immersion

Mythologie Elves Recommend...

Have you ever used candles to enhance your entertainment options?
Whether you love gaming, reading, or watching, choosing the right candle can take an evening from mundane to magical.
To set you up for immersion success, we asked our Mythologie Elves for their recommendations of movies, games, and books to pair with our Knightfall collection.
Want to see what they chose? Read on... 
Knightfall Candles


Ivanhoe by Walter Scott with the whole collection as you read through.
~ Stacy, Customer Service Happiness Wizard
Game of Thrones with The Executioner, specifically the end of the book. 🤣
~ Luke, Shipping Specialist
The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco with Hooded Monk Brewery & The Executioner.
~ Jenni, Community Manager
All Hallows Airship by Liz Delton, though more Steampunk than Medieval, this is a great cozy mystery to pair with Old Village Market. 
~ Heidi, Copywriter
knightfall candles


Disney's Robin Hood with Bandits in the Woods.
~ Stacy, Customer Service Happiness Wizard
Song of the Sea with Cliffside Castle
~ Luke, Shipping Specialist
Ladyhawke, I may just be looking for an excuse to rewatch this gorgeous fairy tale, but it's the perfect fit for the whole collection (especially the secret bonus candle!). 
~ Heidi, Copywriter


Carcassonne (board game) with Old Village Market for an immersive Medieval experience.
~ Stacy, Customer Service Happiness Wizard
Castlevania (video game) with Reaper's harvest.
~ Luke, Shipping Specialist
 Don't Starve (video game) for Reaper's Harvest, this quirky, almost Tim Burton-esque survival game has a dark but still whimsical vibe that fits this candle to a T!
~ Heidi, Copywriter
Do you have favorite books, movies, or games you think would be enhanced by Knightfall candles?
We'd love to hear about them!
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