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Start a Dungeon Crawl

You slide into your seat at the gaming table and start to unpack your gear. You got a new roll tray for Christmas, this one disguised as an ancient spell book but when you open the cover there's a nice flat space for rolling your many prized dice. You take out your dice bag and start test rolling your D20s to see which one is lucky tonight.
Your party's healer, often jokingly called the 'group mom,' has brought snacks and is busy setting them out nearby. Your game master stares at his screen, eyes intent, planning something. You chuckle to yourself. You know that look. It's going to be an interesting night.
You pull out your character sheet. Your wizard got a new spell scroll during your last in-game shopping trip, and you need to make sure you pencil it in. As you do, the group rogue rushes in, a mischievous look in his eyes.
"Hey, guys. Look what I … acquired." He reaches under his coat and pulls out a box covered in what appears to be a treasure map. From this he withdraws a sturdy looking jar of amber glass with a heavy black lid.
Everyone leans forward for a closer look as he removes the lid.
"Is that a candle?" the Ranger asks, narrowing her eyes suspiciously. The rogue likes to play tricks on the party sometimes. It's what his character would do, after all.
"Not just any candle." He takes out a box of matches and strikes one upon the side. "This is going to make tonight so much better."
You debate diving under the table, but when the candle doesn't immediately explode, your game master clears his throat. "We good to start?"
The candle's wooden wick begins to crackle as a pool of melted wax forms and your game master begins.
"You approach the mouth of the tunnel leading into the ancient lost temple. Two great stone manticores stand on either side and a draft of musty air wafts out to greet you. What do you do?"
Spells are slotted, torches lit, potions and weapons ready.
As your party ventures into the dungeon, you note a strange sensation. Somehow the world of your imagination flickers around you. You can not only hear your GM's description and the chattering of your party, but also somehow the shuffle of booted feet on stone, the whisper of stale air, and the tapping of your wizard's staff upon the stones. A fragrance of long abandoned passages and a strange, sweet smell lures you onward. At the end of the tunnel a great door with a puzzle lock awaits.
As the Ranger and Rogue bicker as to the best method to solve the lock, you close your eyes. There is heavy magic in the air here, darkness lies in wait. Bones creak and rattle, and your eyes snap open.
A group of skeletons rises from the shadows, shambling forward, blades in their bony hands, their empty eye sockets staring straight at you.
Your game master grins. "Roll initiative."
You grin back. Your wizard opens a leather bound spell book, inscribed with mystic runes. The rogue was right. Tonight is going to be an amazing session.
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