stroll in the storm candle

Take a Stroll in a Storm

The pitter-patter of drops grows to a flurry of driving rain, but the walker is undeterred.

The wind tries to snatch her umbrella from her hand, folding it outward in a great gust, but she strides forward, across the green fields, water running down her face and neck.

The air crackles with life and energy as the green of the grass and the richness of the drenched earth swirl around her.

On the horizon, lightning flashes, the white light branching across the sky in a blink of an eye.

Wind howls and thunder rolls as her skirts cling to her legs and her feet squelch in their shoes. Ahead the flash of yet another bolt of lightning reflects upon the glass walls of a greenhouse.

She reaches this and takes one last moment to turn her face to the rain, savoring its cool touch before entering the shelter and standing to listen as the rain and thunder perform a symphony of nature.

Stroll in a Storm is one of the six atmospheric candles of Mythologie's Dark Academia collection.

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Stroll in the Storm


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  • Tammy Fogle

    Is this a candle scent? The smell of rain is amazing

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