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The Story of Albion

Introducing Albion Awakening

Arriving February 23rd, Mythologie Candles' 2024 Spring collection tells the story of a Celtic Springtime. This collection will take you on a tour of mystical ancient lands.

But what exactly does "Albion" mean? 

Let's find out!

Albion Awakening

The Story of Albion

Albion is a poetic name for the British Isles. The word is Latin in origin and dates back to the 4th century.
The name means "White Land."
It's speculated that ancient Romans were referring to the White Cliffs of Dover. Visible from mainland Europe, these towering, shining cliffs were often the first impression outsiders would get of these mystical islands.
Now the term speaks to an ancient era, when the lands were wild and untamed and magic crackled in the very air.
When stone monoliths were raised and secret rituals performed beneath the moon. 
Our Albion Awakening collection celebrates this distant past and the legends of old.

Discover the Collection:

🌳 Tree of Life 🌳
The great tree overshadows the forest glen, sheltering all beneath it. Its roots go deep. Its branches embrace the sky. Notes of a magical white pine forest beneath a starry sky, and the scent of honey-brushed plums on the horizon. 
🍀 Stone Circle 🍀
Sacred runes and mystic symbols etch the surface of the timeless stones. Notes of sweet neroli, warming amber, and magical patchouli incense wafting in circles above the pillars.
🌧️ Sacred Well 🌧️
The ancient stone casing, covered in flowering vines, surrounds water so clear it captures the sky above. Notes of white musk and ancient magic, resinous amber, and peppery bergamot on a base of amber and vanilla. 
🧚🏻‍♂️ Pixie Whispers 🧚🏻‍♂️
Laughter like the ringing of tiny bells drifts through the woods, beckoning those who hear deeper into the trees. Notes of honeysuckle waving in a gentle breeze, spring flowers, and crisp citrus on a bed of fruity musk. 
💚 Celtic Healing 💚
The wise woman hums an ancient song as she gathers the harvest from her garden of healing herbs.  Notes of lavender sprigs and herbs hanging from cedar beams to dry, with a gentle whisper of orange zest and patchouli leaves.
🔥 Fire Dance 🔥
Bonfires crackle to life and musicians play. The dancers take the floor, feet light upon the green grass. The celebration begins! Notes of smoke rising from smoldering fir logs, dripping with sap and earthy moss. 
This collection is magical. Get ready to journey to Ancient Albion.

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