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The Story of Brigid's Blessing

The story behind our latest candle.

Across our many customer surveys, one of the most frequently requested themes is MORE Celtic history and mythology.
Okay. Let's do it!
Throughout 2024 we'll be introducing new candles to celebrate the seasonal feasts of Celtic Tradition. 
The first of these candles is for the early spring feast of Imbolc. 

What is Imbolc?

Traditionally held at the beginning of February, Imbolc celebrated the birth of new lambs.
During this feast, bonfires were lit in tribute to Brigid, a goddess of spring, fertility, and life. She is alternately considered a saint in some traditions.
Rushes are woven into "Brigid's Crosses" to welcome her as she comes to bless the birthing lambs at the advent of spring. 
Those celebrating might make a traditional offering of bread, honey, and milk to honor Brigid. 
Because Imbolc is a bit of a mouthful, we've chosen to name the candle Brigid's Blessing. This candle will debut on January 22nd.
Ready to discover the scent notes?

Brigid's Blessing

Brigid's Blessing
The hills of Ireland are alive with new life as people gather to celebrate the advent of spring. 
Notes of new beginnings, sweet honeycomb, and purified lavender tied with purple ribbons to receive Brigid's blessing.
Brigid's Blessing will be available January 22nd through 31st ONLY. 
Can't get enough of candles that bring history, mythology, and literature to life?

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