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The Story of Knightfall

Journey through a Medieval Village at Harvest Time
Dark crows wing through a slate gray sky on a crisp autumnal breeze. They soar over the turrets of the castle, its banners flapping in the wind. One large, black bird perches upon a stone gargoyle to preen his feathers. He regards the world around him with glinting eyes, sensing the shift in the weather as the seasons change. With a harsh cry, he takes to the air once more, pursuing his fellows as they swoop over the golden fields of wheat that surround the castle and village.
In the courtyard below, knights train for a tournament as squires polish their shining armor and brightly colored shields. They've practiced long. When the harvest is complete, the feast will begin. Then they will compete, showing their prowess at arms to impress the fair ladies.
Outside the castle walls, apples ripen in the orchard. Merry monks move among the trees, picking apples and loading them into barrels, singing about the cider they will make and the bounties of the harvest.
Along the forest road, merchants travel, their carts laden with exotic goods from faraway lands. They scan the dark trees, ever leery of lurking danger, of beasts and bandits who might be lying in wait.
In the village square, the peasants are merry. The harvest is plentiful and they have no fear of hunger in the upcoming winter.
The bounties of Knightfall have arrived.
Knightfall is Mythologie's 2023 Autumnal Collection. 

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