Update Regarding New Product Drops

Update Regarding New Product Drops


Message from the founder, Leah McHenry:

First, thanks for being a member of this incredible fantasy-inspired community of candles. Your participation and enthusiasm makes this so much fun and a place we all love.
We want to give you a heads up and fill you in a bit on the journey we are on, and a couple changes we are making to the way we release new products for the rest of the year. 
We are 2 years old (so much has happened in such a short time!). Some of you have been with us since the very beginning and have seen and felt our growing pains!  
We are growing and evolving once again, and as some shifts are happening in the economy, it's really important we adapt so MC can be sustainable and continue to transform your homes into castles and whisk you away to far off realms! 
Ok here's the change. Ready?
For the rest of the year, all new releases will be pre-orders and available to purchase for 7 days only. Guild members will have 24 hours early access (8 days in total).
Most product drops will happen on Fridays (for public) and Thursdays for Guild members (24 hours early access). 
We will generally have a product drop or promo of some kind during the beginning and 2nd half of each month. 
Guild members will have access to our promo calendar and will be able to see the releases coming up for the month (in the works).
💡Here's why we're doing this: 
As a small business that doesn't have outside investors or capital, it's important that we produce exactly the amount of candles that people want. 
Our current model for sustainability is that our candles are made to order.❤️ [with the exception of our evergreen candles that are available year-round] 

A bit of behind the scenes of how it works for us: 

Every collection we launch is essentially an experiment! 
As you have seen (and experienced!) we put an insane amount of time & energy into the packaging, artwork, original content, stories & descriptions... it's a ton of work, time, energy, and expense... all without knowing if anyone will like it 😅🤯.
Therefore, a pre-order tells us exactly how much to make and we don't risk putting our business in jeopardy by ordering too much or too little product (and when I say 'our', I believe YOU are as much part of this as we are!). 
😎 More behind the scenes:
Now, with this pre-order model, we have to have a hard beginning and an end date so we know precisely how much wax, fragrance, and packaging we need in order to fulfill those orders. Make sense?
The reason it's a 7 day window is because we typically see 80-90% of orders come through in the first 48 hours of any product release. So 7 days allows plenty of time, based on the historical data we have.
With any release, there's no guarantee it will make a re-appearance or become a permanent part of our catalog (we call that evergreen), unless the demand makes it clear that it should! 
What we love about this model, and what we think you'll love too:
  • Timeframe: You'll know exactly what to expect each time! When we drop a new collection (seasonal or otherwise), you know the available timeframe for ordering and processing (details below).
  • Predictability: You'll know how often and generally when to expect a new release.
  • Influence: You have a say in making collections permanent by voting with your order 😀
Expectations for Processing & Shipping Times:
  • Evergreen products: 3-5 business days as normal (anything that's not a pre-order).
  • Pre-Orders: 4 weeks processing from the day the cart closes. For seasonal releases (Fall, Winter, etc.) we will start the pre-order well ahead of season so you can enjoy your candles IN season ;) 
My hope is that in giving you some detailed behind the scenes of our operation and our thought process, that you'll understand WHY we're doing it, and also that it will become a super FUN experience that we all get to participate in, all while knowing that it's helping MC to continue bringing you candle portals in a jar!

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