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What is an Onsen?

What IS an Onsen?

Japanese Onsens are hot springs and baths. 
Often you'll find a traditional Japanese inn, known as a Ryokan, accompanying the baths.
Many offer amenities and activities such as traditional tea ceremonies, access to gorgeous gardens, and spa treatments.
With this mini-collection we want guide you on a restful retreat.
These soothing scents will evoke a sense of calm and rejuvenation as you find yourself transported to a Japanese hot spring on a quiet afternoon.
Sip your tea, gaze into the garden, and prepare to soak in a luxurious mineral bath.
Onsen Collection

Preview the Scents...

⛩️ Jinja (神社) ⛩️
Sunshower Shrine

In a bamboo grove, surrounded by trees, stone steps lead to the sacred shrine.
Notes of raindrops drizzling down Japanese cypress trees onto fresh moss and growing bamboo. 

Chadō (茶道)
🍵 Tea Tranquility 🍵
Sit upon the mats, the bowl in your hands, the warmth of the tea seeping into your very soul.
Notes of ceremonial green tea and lemongrass with orange zest and floral musk. 

Onsen (温泉) 
♨️ Hot Mineral Springs ♨️
Steam rises off the cloudy water, rich with healing minerals, heated by the embrace of the earth.
Notes of steaming mineral water infused with jasmine, ginger, and a hint of sandalwood.

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