What is the Book of the Dead?

What is the Book of the Dead?

A papyrus scroll maps the way though the afterlife, the trials and tests that must be faced for the soul to be proven worthy. The priest places it atop the mummy. May his soul find rest.

The Book of the Dead is not what we modern folk would consider to be a "book" at all, but rather a collection of texts, usually written upon papyrus scrolls and placed in burial chambers to guide the deceased on their path through the underworld.

It would often include magic spells to protect or aid the soul upon its journey.

There is not one definitive text, but one of the best known and complete versions is the Papyrus of Ani, an Egyptian scribe.

scales weighing a man's heart from the book of the dead

This papyrus was discovered in 1888 and is currently housed in the British Museum.

The Candle

Inspired by the care that Egyptians put into their burial rituals, Mythologie's Book of the Dead candle has notes of burial spices and incense.

It's a soothing, magical fragrance, now available for a limited time as part of our Summer 2023 Sands of Time collection. 

What do our candle testers think of Book of the Dead?

"I love the combination of vetiver and turmeric. This candle has the complexity that I like about other Mythologie candles."

"If the Grim Reaper wore cologne, I imagine it would smell like this."

"It's like opening a mysterious book, reading names of those who have gone before in a candlelit chamber."

"Loved this one, smelled like spices and old books!"

Book of the Dead candle

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