three glowing, lit potions candles from Mythologie's RPG line

You Meet in a Tavern

Adventurers gather, summoned by a cryptic message. They enter the smoky tavern. The tavern keeper gives them a knowing nod and motions towards a table in a dark corner. There a hooded figure awaits, his keen eyes watching the merry patrons.
Drinks are ordered. Pipes are lit. The bard anxiously tunes his lute, eyeing those around the table. The brawny fighter, an imposing presence, scarred from many a battle. The paladin in his shining armor, his expression lofty, his demeanor somber. The wizard's nose already in her book as her familiar perches upon her shoulder, keeping watch on her behalf.
The hood falls away, revealing the king's advisor. He has called them here on a matter of much importance, and great reward awaits if they can complete the quest. Will they answer the call?
You Meet in a Tavern is part of our Journey Through the Realms collection, inspired by Dungeons & Dragons and TTRPGs! 
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Potions candles from Mythologie's RPG inspired candle lines

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