You Summon Poseidon

You Summon Poseidon

You stroll along the shore of a cerulean sea, the waves breaking upon the white sands and jagged rocks that jut out into the water. Seabirds wing overhead, their harsh cries mingling with the in and out breath of the mighty ocean. In the distance dolphins leap among the waters, playful and carefree.

You pause at the water’s edge to let the surf lap your feet, your bare toes cooling as the sand dissolves under you, pulled away by the retreating water. You see a large shell tumbling in the waves a little ways away and wade out to fetch it, now up to your knees.

Fishing in the water, you catch hold of a conch shell nearly as large as your head, its insides a delicate pink. Delighted by your find, you raise it to your ear and listen to the roar of the ocean within. You close your eyes.

When you open your eyes the world has changed. On the ridge beside the bay a great marble temple now stands with massive pillars that tower like trees. In the distance a sailing ship glides over the waters. Not a modern sailboat but rather a vessel in an ancient style with square sails billowing on the breeze.

You swallow and step back only to have the water swirl around your feet, glowing with light and magic. Your skin tingles as if anticipating a coming storm and dark clouds roll overhead.

The sea parts in a massive wake as a chariot races across the water, the horses formed of the sea itself, their manes frothing breakers, their eyes alight with cold fire. At their reins stands a massive man with a crown of coral upon his head. Water beads upon his dark beard and seaweed entwines with his hair and clings to his garments.

He comes to shore a short ways from you and dismounts. The water stills at his feet, becoming as solid and clear as a sheet of glass. He considers you with keen gray eyes.

Uncertain what else to do, you hold out the conch as an offering. He smiles as if amused and takes it from you. A strange power leaps into you at his touch.

He nods in thanks and passes you a closed scallop shell in exchange. You manage to stammer out your thanks before he hops into his chariot and drives back out to sea.

The clouds clear and you blink away your confusion, finding yourself once more on the sunny beach. The temple is gone, though you can see traces of ruins where it once stood, white stones and toppled pillars, half covered in growing trees and grasses.

The scallop in your hand opens to reveal a candle, somehow already lit, its flame as fragrant as the sea air. It carries a message from an ancient time, a warning that there is still magic in the world and that sometimes, when you least expect it, such magic will find you.

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