you're lost in a forest

You're Lost in a Forest

Down the narrow forest road, the adventurers travel. Their quest has brought them far from civilization, and rumors speak of dark things that hide beneath the trees. In the front of the party, the fighter keeps watch, eyes on every flitting shadow, ears listening for signs of wolves or bandits.
The ranger's companion, a stately wolf, sniffs the air. The forest is alive with animals. He catches traces of squirrels and birds, rabbits and deer, but a trace of something else rides upon the breeze. The fur rises along his back.
The party pauses. Ahead the path splits in two. The wizard consults the map she found deep within the archive, marking the way to the ancient elven temple. There is no notation for this fork in the road, no indication of which way they should go. Along one path the sun filters through the trees, bright and appealing. Along the other, mist churns across the path.
A choice must be made. What road will they take?
You're Lost in a Forest is part of our Journey Through the Realms collection, inspired by Dungeons & Dragons and TTRPGs! 
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