Sail the seven seas!

With Our New SUMMER Collection

"I don’t know how you did it - but every single scent in the Black Flag collection is a winner!!!! Probably my favorite collection yet. You knocked it out of the park with this one!" - Rikki

Black Flag Full-size Bundle
Black Flag Deluxe Bundle
Black Flag Full-size Bundle
Black Flag Full-size Bundle
Black Flag Regular Bundle
Black Flag Full-size Bundle
Black Flag Full-size Bundle

Black Flag Full-size Bundle

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This bundle includes all 6 scents from our Black Flag Collection!

Set sail across the seven seas with this thrilling new candle collection from Mythologie Candles. Let these unique, handcrafted fragrances sweep you away to a world of pirates, tropical islands, and adventure. 
As these candles crackle and flicker, you'll be transported to an exciting world of buccaneers, marooned sailors, and monsters of the depths. Premium handcrafted fragrances designed to carry you away to an exotic destination. 🦜
This Bundle includes all 6 scents:

🏴‍☠️ Skull and Crossbones 🏴‍☠️
Notes of alluring sandalwood and fragrant jasmine, with shavings of white coconut.

 Captain's Quarters 
Notes of fine leather, polished wood, and rich, exotic vanilla.

🏝 Cursed Island 🏝
Notes of salty ocean breeze, slices of pineapple and bright citrus swirled into light coconut milk and the taste of lightning in the air.

🌊 Shipwrecked 🌊
Notes of driftwood, patchouli, and cedar leaf dried in the tropical sun.

🌴 Forbidden Jungle 🌴
Notes of damp earth, fresh palm leaves, and cooling aloe.

🐬 Hidden Lagoon 🐬
Notes of ocean breezes entwined with grapefruit, eucalyptus, and vanilla sugar.

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