Deep in ancient woodlands and forgotten kingdoms, the trees whisper secrets to one another. What first appears as a normal forest is more than it seems... look again! The forest is aglow with mystical creatures as old as time. Tree nymphs dance gracefully among the vines and elves dwell in secret kingdoms, sharing ethereal music and legendary stories over honey wine and fresh berries. Tree branches are heavy with the fruit of Summer and bright flowers adorn the mossy forest floor, their sweet scent filling the woodland. Come and meet the Seelie King on his throne of flowers, but beware of the darker creatures like the Spriggan...

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"Such a great variety and really brings you into the world when you burn them. Super long lasting too!"


"We got the Celtic Folklore Candles and my husband and I adore them! They will make DnD nights more immersive, date nights more romantic and mystical, and everyday life smell better!"


"These smell heavenly! I love the light floral scents!"


"I bought the whole Celtic mini collection. I needed MORE!! MORE!"


"Loved this sample pack. The candles were all so unique and the packaging is amazing! This would be a perfect gift but I’m keeping them for myself."