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'Journey Through the Realms Expansion' Sample Pack

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⚔️ Try all 6 Expansion scents in our 2-oz mini-candle set! ⚔️

🍄 Damp Cavern: Glowing mushrooms in dark earth, deep green moss, muddy boot prints, and dripping water.

🌊 Deep Water Harbor: Driftwood and sea salt, oiled ship timbers, and polished brass.

☠️ Musty Crypt: Ancient clay and stone, wispy cobwebs, crumbling moss, and mysterious, sweetly decaying musk.

🛖 Rustic Village: Bread baking in earthen ovens, apples piled in market stalls, and evergreen boughs cut from the nearby forest.

🛕 Sacred Temple: Luxurious nag champa and rich, resinous woods, sweetened with gentle vanilla and orange blossom.

🌲 Verdant Forest: Towering pine trees and fir needles crushed underfoot, fresh air rustling the branches, and a light mist of citrus fruits.


Customer Reviews:

"Journey Through the Realms is one of my favorite collections so far. Every candle fits it's description perfectly." ~Tina

"No DnD or gaming session is complete without one of these candles setting the mood" ~Anastasia

"I try not to DM or play without one of these lit." ~Heidi


A map stretches before you, its twining paths beckoning you to adventure. The roads wind between jagged mountain peeks and twist through ancient forests. Great cities sprout within the valleys, their castles and towers monuments to the great civilizations thriving there.

A quest awaits! Mighty monsters and deadly foes lie in wait, but also the promise of treasure and glory, of great deeds and wondrous sights.

Are you ready to roll the dice?


These 2oz mini-tins are perfect to sample all the scents and fantastic for travel!