Renaissance Faire


      Go to the Renaissance Fair!

      It is time for merry men and fair maids to gather once more to don their finery, their kirtles and kilts, bodices and bows, and frolic among the trees and tents. A boisterous gathering beckons beneath a blue sky. Music floats through the trees as the savory and sweet fragrances rise from stalls. Horses stamp at the lists, ready for their knights to ride them into battle, and players make merry on a rough wooden stage. The sun has returned and with it the joyous days of celebrations and meetings, old friends reunited, and new companies formed.

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      Customer Reviews


      "Huzzah!!! Looking forward to burning my Jousting Tournament and dreaming of hearing lance shatter upon shield as hooved chargers and noble knights battle for glory!!"


      "Just received the Renaissance Faire collection. Opened Renaissance Faire and was absolutely transported to RenFaire. I could feel the breeze, smell the dust and flowers and hear the music. Fantastic."


      " I am loving Renaissance Faire and jousting Tournament, and wishing I'd ordered Shakespeare!! They are just so lovely! Never used to be a candle person before this brand, but Mythologie has me hooked."


      "The candles really set an atmosphere and transport you to ye olde medieval times!"


      "Great unique scents and lovely wood wicks. You can tell a lot of care went into making these."