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Remove candle kit items from bag. Microwave the open bag upright in a microwave-safe bowl in 1-2 minute increments, or until all wax is melted. Carefully remove bag from microwave. Prepare your clean glass vessel. Remove the wick sticker and place wick at the bottom center of vessel. Pour wax carefully into vessel and place the wick holder onto the wick to hold in place. Allow to set for 12-24 hours to cure. Trim your wick and enjoy your new Alchemy experience!

Wax Melts:
Follow the directions for the candles, but instead of pouring the wax into a vessel, simply pour it into molds of your choosing! All 1-2 hours to set, then you are ready to enjoy Mythologie scents on your favorite wax melter. Watch how it's done below!

How to Make Wax Melts with an Alchemy Kit

Why Alchemy Kits are Exciting!

Alchemy Kits are the perfect way to reuse your existing candle vessels or other vessels of similar size you may have around your house!

Alchemy kits are a fantastic added value in the personalized experience and amount of uniquely scented wax you get for the same Mythologie experience.

Have a candle party night with friends! Make some fun memories by doing a super easy craft together. Crank the tunes or put on your favorite movie and make the perfect candles to go with your favorite show or tabletop game.

Become a candle potion master..!? What would happen if you mixed different scents together to create your own custom Mythologie Candle? MAGIC!

Make your own wax melts! Simply pour any leftover wax into a silicone mold or icecube trays!

There are so many possibilities with Alchemy kits!

You can browse all of our available scents here.

What kind of FUN could you have with these?

Monthly Alchemy Kit
Monthly Alchemy Kit
Monthly Alchemy Kit
Monthly Alchemy Kit
Monthly Alchemy Kit
Monthly Alchemy Kit
Monthly Alchemy Kit

Monthly Alchemy Kit

Become an Alchemist with an all-new monthly surprise experience, brought to you by Mythologie Candles! 

Imagine... turning a boring Friday night into a night to remember with friends as you make your Mythologie Candles together and watch your favorite show.

Imagine... turning another regular game night session into a totally immersive, multi-sensory experience as you unleash unique scents as part of your pre-game ritual. 

Imagine... transforming a typical reading session into a sensory immersion that has you feeling like you jumped into the pages of your book and are suddenly in another world!

LEVEL-UP your experience with a  Mythologie Candles Alchemy Kit!

*Want to gift a subscription? Simply add in the shipping address of the giftee! 

Your Monthly Alchemy Kit Subscription includes:

2 Full Candle Kits: 

  • Each pouch includes 9oz of surprise pre-scented coconut-blend wax (we include a little extra in case of spills)
  • Lead-free cotton wick & wick sticker
  • Warning label for the bottom of your vessel
  • A wick holder 
  • A replacement label for your vessel (or any vessel of your choosing)

    Note: this kit does not include a vessel but you may purchase our Regular vessels during checkout.

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    Helpful Alchemy Kit Tips!

    How to Reuse Your Mythologie Vessels

    Here's our best tips and tricks to removing wax and getting your pre-used vessels ready to fill with your Alchemy Kit! How to Clean Mythologie Candle Vessels.

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    How to Choose a Vessel

    Planning to use a unique vessel for your Alchemy Kit? Perhaps a thrifted vessel or a favorite teapot? First, let's get you up to speed with what you can use safely.  What Vessels are Safe for Alchemy Kits?

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