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Want to join a fun, family-based start-up?

We're looking for fun-loving people who love the challenge of learning new things in a fast-paced work environment. 

You don’t even have to have experience with candles! We will fully train you.

We are looking for someone who finds it exciting to hustle in a fun startup company. We need someone with astrong work ethic, apositive attitude, anddetermination! You’ll be on your feet with the rest of the team—but you’ll have fun doing it (think: Spotify playlists)!


Here are the qualities we're looking for in a new team member:

  • Self-motivated - you find things to do even when you're not told.
  • Don’t mind repetition - you don't feel bored by making candles all day!
  • Likes fast-paced environment - you're not stressed by a lot happening at once.
  • Precision & attention to detail an asset!
  • Strong work ethic - you're fully committed and put in 100%
  • Independent - you don't need babysitting once you're confident in your task
  • Likes to be on their feet and doing things.
  • Organized - you leave a space better than when you go there.


We're hiring for the following positions:

Candle Maker 

Location: Lynden, Washington

Position:  Part-Time: flexible hours. Full-Time: M-F 9-5 

Hours: We generally work regular hours with weekends off, with the exception of "all hands on deck" occasions during the Fall & Winter promotions and extra-busy seasons.

Pay: $14 to start with 6 month reviews

Mythologie Candles is seeking a friendly, motivated person to join our candle-making crew at our Lynden studio, located in Northwest Washington. Our candles are sold all over the world, but primarily in the USA. 

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Prepping vessels for pouring
  • Wicking vessels with hot glue gun with extreme precision
  • Pouring wax into vessels
  • Cleaning candles with care
  • Labeling candles with precision
  • Organizing inventory
  • Contributing to weekly cleaning tasks
  • Help with packing & shipping tasks as needed
  • Help company refine our systems and processes as we go


You will be a great fit as a candle maker if you... 

  • Have physical strength - can lift 50+ lbs
  • Can work quickly and efficiently
  • Have extreme attention to detail - we welcome your OCD tendencies! ;) 
  • Enjoy a fast-paced work environment
  • Are friendly and get along easily with others
  • Love being in a team setting, but are also great solo
  • Have strong communication skills
  • Are fantastic at solving problems 
  • Have the ability to work while standing 90% of the time
  • Are self-motivated and find things to do even when there's a lull
  • Love being busy

Benefits include:

  • $50 monthly candle allowance
  • Employee discounts
  • Opportunity for career advancement in Mythologie
  • Getting paid while having fun in a low-stress but fast-paced environment!


Does this sound like you? We would love to hear from you!


Please email us your resume in PDF format to with the subject line "Candle Maker Position" and the following information: 

~ A blurb about yourself

~ Your top 3 favorite books

~ Top 3 favorite movies or shows

~ Top 3 favorite music artists

~ Any hobbies or cool things we should know about you

~ Why you'd love to join our candle fam!


We are excited to meet you!


Executive Assistant

Seeking a Talented Assistant for New Start-Up Company

Location: Northern Washington or Southern BC preferred.

Position: Full-time, flexible hours.

Pay: Negotiable with quarterly reviews

About Mythologie Candles: We are a small start-up company based in Lynden, Washington. We manufacture hand-made candles for fans of fantasy and folklore. We are locally based, but sell 100% online, therefore, half of our team is virtual. 

Our customer base considers themselves “nerds” and lovers of all things Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, role-playing-games, historic fiction, and more. Our mission is to become the #1 fantasy-inspired candle company in the USA by December 2021. 

We are looking for a talented assistant who is ready to help us accomplish our goals. This person is an implementor of ideas and lives for getting things done!

This position is semi-remote. You will primarily be working from home, but we would love for you to be physically at our warehouse or meeting with the CEO and COO on a regular basis.  

The position is full-time and salary is negotiable depending on experience. 

Does this sound like you?

  • You have very high standards, and your parents would call you a “perfectionist”. 
  • You are a people person - you love people, but you also don’t like wasting time. You’re a “get to the point” type of personality.
  • You are a superior communicator. You know how to get your message and tone across whether in person or text. You are rarely misunderstood. 
  • You don’t like slowpokes. Speed is a virtue in your mind.
  • You are organized. Possibly borderline OCD ;) Your closet is organized by color, and your pantry is a bit Stepford-ish :P Leaving dishes in the sink bothers you!
  • You have extreme attention to detail. Lack of attention to detail = laziness in your mind.
  • You remember dates, times, names, and random details most others forget. 
  • It bothers you when people start things and don’t finish them. You get deep satisfaction from completing projects and seeing things through. 
  • You see solutions to when others don’t. You think outside the box and can get creative in a pinch.
  • Even though people sometimes perceive you as a type-A personality, you’re really a very warm and friendly person that gets along with everyone and wants to be an integral part of a team.
  • You are not bored by routine and appreciate familiar tasks, however, you absolutely love challenges and when things are constantly changing.

  Sound familiar? If so, keep reading!


As an executive assistant, you will be responsible for managing our team & supplier relationships, managing projects, and be the main go-to person for the company. Working both independently and in a team setting, you will adopt an agile and flexible approach toward projects that include, but are not limited to marketing, supply chain, calendar, communications, organization, and workflow for the team. This is a unique opportunity to join as one of the first members of a growing team, laying the groundwork for a fun and fast-paced startup with significant market traction.  

One major perk for this role is the opportunity to implement your ideas and insights into our SOPs, systems, processes, team communications, and workflows. You will be empowered to take the reins in your role and become a leader that people look to for answers and good decisions. For that reason, we are seeking a talented assistant who is proactive and takes initiative in identifying problems and solutions and has the ability to solve issues that arise.  

The Role

  • You will report directly to the CEO and COO of Mythologie Candles
  • You will be responsible for understanding the current processes at MC.
  • You will lead meetings and implement the ideas and decisions from the team
  • You will ensure our cloud-based files are organized and easy to navigate
  • You will manage projects and coordinate events, people, and assets in a timely manner
  • You will manage the team calendar, schedule meetings, and manage the inboxes
  • You will make sure no balls are dropped or details have fallen through the cracks
  • You will improve our team communication and project processes through systems, better apps, and software as needed
  • You will be the go-to person of Mythologie Candles when team members have questions

Goals & Expectations

  • Self-manage time and prioritize effectively
  • Ensure a deep understanding of our company goals and reverse-engineer the details to help us reach those goals
  • Obsession with implementing ideas and following through
  • Expert communicator with the team

Primary Responsibilities & Tasks

    • Calendar: you will manage the team calendar, set appointments, team meetings, and be in charge of all events.

    • Communications: you will manage the main inboxes and communications with suppliers, vendors, media buys, potential employees, and current team members.

    • Project Management: you will implement decisions and ideas from team meetings, coordinate all people and assets necessary to accomplish said goals, communicate regular status updates.

Required Skills & Experience

  • Experience as an assistant in a virtual setting
  • Proficient in excel, Google products, and online meeting apps such as Skype, Zoom, Google, etc. 
  • Experience with team communication & project management software such as Slack, Trello, Monday, Basecamp, Asana, etc. 
  • Great research skills


  • 90 day trial period as a contractor, transitioning to a full-time employee 
  • Flexible work environment and hours
  • Quarterly reviews

Interested? Here’s what to do next:

STEP 1: Take this quiz and tell us the breakdown of your results.

 STEP 2: Email us with your results, include your resume, and a blurb about you and why you’d love this position. Use the subject line “I want to be your assistant!”

If selected, we will contact you with instructions for the next round!