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Manufacturing Update

All items on our store are TEMPORARILY out of stock, this is so our warehouse elves have time to catch up on pouring and shipping your candles. If you already ordered, don't worry, we're making your candles now - yay! 

We are currently operating in PRE-ORDER mode on ALL items, so please be patient with us and expect a 4-6 week delivery time on some orders.

🕯️ To sign up to be notified when all of our candles become available again, please CLICK HERE.

🌿 To sign up to be notified when Spring in the Shire is coming back, please CLICK HERE.

We are expecting pre-orders to open again in mid April, so watch this space!


When we first launched back in March last year, we knew right away we were onto something special and in just one year we have EXPLODED! It has been a wonderful, crazy journey for sure!

We want to give you the best experience we can, from magical unboxings to immersive scents and fantastic customer experience, so we are learning as we grow and are constantly working to iron out any kinks!

Supply chains are a little crazy at the moment! Between rogue goblin hordes, destructive trolls and the fact that most manufacturing facilities are only able to work at 50% capacity right now, every single business is experiencing delays on important materials and we are no different, so we are temporarily changing the way we operate.

So that we can get your orders out as quickly as possible without compromising on quality, we have decided to make ALL products available for PRE-ORDER only, which means we are expecting some items to have a 4-6 week delivery time. As of 30th March, all candles are temporarily SOLD OUT, we will update you as soon as we know when they are coming back!

All of these changes mean that we can get caught up on orders and start the process of working towards a shorter shipping window (we’re working towards a goal of same day shipping - yay!), so in future your candles will get to you super quickly!

We are still a baby start-up business and learning as we grow, by making the decision to support us you support a small business of fellow fantasy nerds and the elves that work here, and for that we can’t thank you enough! 

Thank you for believing in us, being patient with us and sharing the love of fantasy and folklore with us! Here’s to creating lot’s more amazing experiences together.