Mythologie Candles founder, Leah McHenry

Our Story

Hey Traveler, it's Leah here, the founder of Mythologie Candles.

Our story begins with a spontaneous spark. A little inkling, a vision, and a sudden compulsion to make candles for the fantasy-loving community.

I'm Leah McHenry, also known as LEAH in the music world. I'm primarily known for my Symphonic Metal music, which is infused with fantasy, Celtic and historical elements.

It all started when I was preparing to release my fifth studio album, 'Ancient Winter' in the Fall of 2019. 

What began as an exclusive candle collection to accompany this medieval Winter album for an immersive listening experience, quickly turned into an obsession.

The original objective was to take my fans into a deeper listening experience through scent design.

I created my very first three scents that were meant to be burned while listening to the album. All three would work synergystically with the music. They are named Warrior's Hearth, Frostberry, and Northern Woodlands.

With the help of my husband and five hobbits (yes, they're all mine) I released these candles to my fans and received glowing and enthusiastic reviews!

In the midst of creating these candles for my music, I realized I may have discovered a hidden talent for scent design... and soon decided that these candles needed to become a standalone brand!

I realized... there's SO much ground to cover. History! Fantasy! Folklore! There's a never-ending list of incredible candles that need to be made so that we can transform the mundane of our lives into something more magical.

Mythologie Candles was officially born in March of 2020.

And boy, was that interesting timing! Certainly not for the faint of heart. We had recently moved to the area, had barely secured a warehouse, and had begun production and marketing when you-know-what happened around the world.

Amidst incredible enthusiasm and some viral activity, we immediately encountered local supply chain problems out of the gate. That wasn't going to stop us!

Thankfully, our founding fans & customers were incredibly gracious and the most amazing people a startup could ask for! We've been so grateful for the support we were shown.

A Leap of faith

We signed a lease agreement in March 2020 and have been hand-pouring our candles in Lynden, Washington ever since!

Up, Up, and Away!

Since early 2020 we've become even more obsessed with fantasy candles and how to create the most immersive reading, gaming, and watching experiences through our candles.

Today, we have tens of thousands of happy customers who tell us they are addicted to Mythologie Candles!

We're just getting started. Join us on this journey!

Leah McHenry is a trailblazer in the music industry, not just because she created a successful career as an independent artist, having released 5 albums, hitting the Billboard charts, and number one songs on iTunes, acheiving CD and Physical music sales in an industry that claims it's dying; she also created the world's leading music marketing academy (Savvy Musician Academy), teaching musicians and artists around the globe how to design a successful music career using internet marketing techniques.