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Signature Candles

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Candle of the Month

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Each month you will receive a BRAND NEW, never-before-smelled candle!

When did you last receive a gift that surprised and delighted you? That made your whole day (or even week!) better when you opened the box?

Now you can create anticipation and experience the fulfillment of unboxing a luxurious, immersive candle gift. Every month you will receive a brand new fragrance that has never been smelled before -- you are the first one!

If it's a hit - we might add it to our regular rotation - so make sure you give us your feedback!

You can manage your subscription at any time, cancel anytime, no obligations :) 

Candle of the Month: The Artist

🖼️ The Artist:
Brushstrokes fill the canvas, blending color, light, and shadow to reveal the master's vision.

Notes of white birches waving in a crisp breeze, carrying the scent of spices from market stalls.

The model sits before the open window, the breeze stirring her hair and the sun glowing upon her features. The master guides her to lift her chin so the light catches her eyes just right. A smile crosses his lips, and he nods his approval before picking up his brush once more.
Carefully mixed pigments display rich reds and golds. Each skillful brush stroke adds light and shadow to the folds of her gown, the locks of her hair.
The world comes to life on the canvas, immortalizing her beauty and grace.

In order to receive the June Candle of the Month, Complete your order by June 15th. Orders placed after June 15th will receive our July candle instead.

We're so excited to share our new Candle of the Month experience with you!

Alchemy Kits

Monthly Alchemy Kit
Monthly Alchemy Kit
Monthly Alchemy Kit
Monthly Alchemy Kit
Monthly Alchemy Kit
Monthly Alchemy Kit
Monthly Alchemy Kit

Monthly Alchemy Kit

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Become an Alchemist with an all-new monthly surprise experience, brought to you by Mythologie Candles! 

Imagine... turning a boring Friday night into a night to remember with friends as you make your Mythologie Candles together and watch your favorite show.

Imagine... turning another regular game night session into a totally immersive, multi-sensory experience as you unleash unique scents as part of your pre-game ritual. 

Imagine... transforming a typical reading session into a sensory immersion that has you feeling like you jumped into the pages of your book and are suddenly in another world!

LEVEL-UP your experience with a  Mythologie Candles Alchemy Kit!

*Want to gift a subscription? Simply add in the shipping address of the giftee! 

Your Monthly Alchemy Kit Subscription includes:

2 Full Candle Kits: 

  • Each pouch includes 9oz of surprise pre-scented coconut-blend wax (we include a little extra in case of spills)
  • Lead-free cotton wick & wick sticker
  • Warning label for the bottom of your vessel
  • A wick holder 
  • A replacement label for your vessel (or any vessel of your choosing)

    Note: this kit does not include a vessel but you may purchase our Regular vessels during checkout.

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