The Story Of...

Mythologie Candles began with a spontaneous spark. A little inkling, a vision, and a sudden compulsion to make candles for the fantasy-loving community.

We are brand NEW! 

The vision began when founder & creator Leah McHenry (aka. LEAH) was preparing to release her fifth studio album, 'Ancient Winter' in the Fall of 2019. 

What began as an exclusive candle collection to accompany her album for a more immersive listening experience, turned into an obsession with candle making and crafting scents to match fantasy themes and home decor! 









The Creator

Leah is a trailblazer in the music industry, not just because she created a successful career as an independent artist, having released 5 albums, hitting the Billboard charts, slaughtering CD and Physical music sales in an industry that says it's dying; she also created the world's leading music marketing academy (Savvy Musician Academy), teaching musicians and artists around the globe how to design a successful music career using internet marketing techniques. 


But her most proud achievement of all is her five beautiful hobbits, all of whom are homeschooled.

And yes, this candle business also recruits the help of her hobbits :) 



Mythologie Candles is a passion project and Leah is sharing the road to success, with all the bumps and roadblocks she encounters in creating and launching a brand from scratch! 


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