Our Vision

Hey, it's Leah here - the founder of MC. 

If this is your first encounter with Mythologie Candles (or even if it's not!) I wanted to properly introduce who we are, what makes us special, and how we can [hopefully] improve your life 🖤

Our vision is to make people's lives more magical by creating immersive experiences through our candles. 

This vision was birthed out of a need for myself to be more present in my daily life. I'm a recording artist and entrepreneur, so I spend many hours per day on computers, online meetings, and social media for work. 

I don't know if you feel the same way, but I believe this virtual world we now have is such a blessing. At the same time, I've also found it can pull me away from living in the present moment.

Too many times my kids have wanted my attention, but my mind was sucked into an impenetrable bubble of focus (ok, I also consider this a skill - lol! I have 5 kids, so you have to learn to tune the noise out).

I'm sure you know the feeling of being more connected online, yet feeling increasingly disconnected in the real world. 

These candles are meant to help change that. 

I see this happening in 2 ways:

1) By turning your home into your castle. Creating an atmosphere you love to be in. It's your dwelling place, so by making it a space you love spending time in, you're more likely to feel fulfilled and happy. 

2) Creating immersive experiences for the real world. This could be a candle-lit evening with a book, a board game with friends, a dinner party, a gaming adventure with colleagues, or anything that delights you in a multi-sensory way.

Do you feel this is a worthy endeavor?

I'd love to know your thoughts. 

Your Comrade in Adventure, 

-Leah McHenry