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Camelot Mini-Collection Bundle

Camelot: In a mythical castled city, a legendary king and his brave knights discuss their next quest over feasting and song. 

Wildflowers nod together gently as the tall grass waves in the warm breeze atop the hillside. Stone walls extend upwards into a mighty castle, its heavy wooden door opening to greet the knight that rides towards it.

Soft music and laughter can be heard through the opening in the door, the scent of a feast roasting and honey wine spilled onto a round table wafting into the midday air.

Notes of soft woods, crushed violet petals, cedar leaf and amber warmed with a hint of tonka bean.

King Arthur: Merlin the powerful magician sets a sword in stone that only a true king can remove. A child is raised in secret until the day comes that he draws the sword and fulfills his destiny. 

The sun is beginning to set, bathing the glistening hilt in golden light as his fingers grasp the metal and the silver blade slides free.

Notes of earthy cedarwood & deep vanilla. 

Lady of the Lake: A silver blade in the hand of an enchantress emerges from the deep waters of the lake, aiding the king who needs it most.

Dappled sunlight filters through weeping willow branches and illuminates the crystal waters of the lake, where dragonflies hum softly and the light reflects effervescent off their wings.

A legendary king approaches, dismounting his steed and kneeling humbly at the lake’s edge, he extends a hand and plunges it into the cool water.

Notes of mist over enchanted water, dewdrops formed on fresh green leaves, and crushed white sea salt dusted in crystal.