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Northern Lights

The air is still and cool on the longest night of the year, and the midnight sky stretches onwards infinitely. Twinkling silver stars are splashed across the navy canvas like the flick of a paintbrush, galaxies swirling and stars mapping out stories of ancient legends and heroes.

The light starts softly then gradually explodes into life, soft green and lilac ripple and undulate in waves across the inky blackness, causing my arms to prickle in goosebumps at the ethereal sight. This is one of my favorite parts of winter in the far North.

: A celestial display moves through the sky with colors beyond imagination, reflecting the glow of the shields and the armor of the Valkyrie who choose who live and die in battle. 

Smells like: Notes of smoky sandalwood with soft patchouli and a dusting of cracked black pepper.