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Can you solve our riddles?

🤔 Can you solve our riddles? 🤔

A new candle collection is coming, but for now, our Mythologie Elves are keeping it secret and safe. What CAN we tell you? 

​Well … it has NINE new candles. The collection name will be revealed on July 8th, and the candles soon after.

If you would like to find out early, you'll have to solve our riddles.

Are you up for the challenge?
The Collection:
I have paths but no walkers
Rivers but no water
Mountains but no snow
What am I?

Candle 1
A green land in the shadow of the white hand.
My people are strong, my horses swift.
Where am I?

Candle 2
Smoke rises over my twisted corpse.
Once I was green, alive, now evil infests my bones.
Now I am poison and fire.
Where am I?

Candle 3
A land of dreams, some say a sorceress lurks there
But for those willing to blind their eyes,
Wonder and beauty await beneath the golden trees.
Where am I?

Candle 4
I call to adventurers to prepare for war, but am myself a place of peace.
My names are many, my purpose refuge, my keeper wise.
Where am I?

Candle 5
Don't stray from the path for my waters are dark.
Don't stray from the path for my traps are many.
Don't stray from the path for the eyes are watching.
Where am I?

Candle 6
Kings watch my streets and halls.
Upon my crown, a white tree rises.
Lifeless but waiting.
Where am I?

Candle 7
They delved me too deep, my warnings unheeded,
For while I host riches, I also hold doom.
Where am I?

Candle 8
Small land, small people, great heart.
Sheltered land bears a secret.
The fate of great things rests in the small.
Where am I?

Candle 9
I cut the lands in twain.
The spine of giants with giants on my spine.
Where am I?

Think you know the answers? Stop by our Facebook Group and tell us your guesses!​

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