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Candles for Scholars

Candles for Scholars 

Do you love an evening in with a good book? Do you get excited about the fragrances of old paper and ink? Do you often imagine yourself as a wizard seeking arcane knowledge?

If so, you sound like our sort of person, and we wanted to hand select some candles for you! 📚

If you are a fan of old bookshelves, ancient lore, or storied pasts, these are our top picks!

Book of Kells

book of kells

Wrapped in history, this candle has notes of aged books, subtle ink, and soothing lavender. It is the comfort candle for book lovers, and with the historical ties, also appeals to scholars of the past. Get Book of Kells.

The Tudor House Library

Tudor House library candle

History meets literature with this spicy, comforting candle which will sweep you away to an ornate library of another age. Get The Tudor House Library

The Alchemist

the alchemist candle

Don your robes and mix your potions, this candle has ancient knowledge wrapped in its spicy depths. A strong, mystical fragrance for lovers of fantasy, fiction, and hidden knowledge. Get The Alchemist.

The Camelot Collection


Looking for days of old? This collection has three fragrances which serve as a time machine to take you to the lost courts of the Once and Future King. Get the Camelot Collection

What do you think of our picks? Have you tried some of these? All of them? Which is your favorite? Which sounds like something you might need to try?

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