wine glasses, roses, and candle flames

Candles for your Valentine

This is a helpful reminder that Valentine's Day is RIGHT around the corner. You do not want to be stuck in a checkout line on February the 13th, buying overpriced chocolate in generic boxes. You DEFINITELY don't want to be stumbling around overcrowded flower shops on the day itself, trying to find that last bouquet of overpriced red roses.
No, you want to think ahead and plan a present for your partner that will speak to them and frame your love affair as an epic adventure!
So, let's get started.
Note: if none of our suggestions feel right for YOUR Prince or Princess Charming, consider reaching out to our Customer Service Happiness Wizards. Describe your partner's favorite scent notes or some of their favorite books and movies, and let them handpick a candle that would be just right for them! Get in touch at and let us do the matchmaking.

Candles for Her:

IS your lady your queen? Your warrior princess? Your questing buddy? Whatever the vibe we've got you covered.

Fairy Gothmother:

Does she have a twisted sense of humor but a definite mystique? We suggest Fairy Gothmother with its deep berries and bergamot fragrance.

I Am No Man!

Is she your hero, a fighter, compassionate but brave? This is the perfect fragrance for her (plus it has rose petals as a scent note but will last far longer than a dozen roses). Discover I Am No Man!

Mighty Elven Lady:

Is she your queen? Your tower of strength? Mighty Elven Lady's beguiling fragrance will sing her praises.

Candles for Him:

A lot of people see candles as a "girl" thing, but trust me, guys have noses too, plus is there anything more manly than fire? Especially fire with crackling wood wicks. It's like having a miniature campfire on your desk, nightstand, or coffee table.
So what are our top candles for guys (or maybe for ladies who like a little more of the rugged side)?

The Ranger:

Travelworn and strong, but also noble, The Ranger speaks to the adventurous and the hearty. Its scent notes of leather and bourbon will enthrall you.
If you want your man (or yourself) to smell like a Ranger, check out our personal fragrance oils.

The Elf:

Is your man more elegant than rugged? Does he have the soul of an artist? Maybe a magic touch? The Elf is a surprisingly masculine scent of cedar, cypress, and fresh herbs. It's like a breath of forest air, and highly recommended.

The Alchemist:

Does your man love science and arcane knowledge? This candle's spicy fragrance of cinnamon and patchouli will enliven the senses and get your romantic evening fired up. Discover The Alchemist.

Candles for Date Night:

Maybe you're more into gifting experiences. You've planned a homecooked meal or an intimate movie night with your favorite movie. Don't forget that scent is one of the brain's biggest triggers for memory and therefore emotion! Selecting a candle to go along with your date night can be that final detail that really sets the mood.
Some suggestions:

Royal Dwarves:

First off, this candle is "couple" themed. Inspired by the Dwarven power couple of Durin and Disa, this wine and cherries fragrance pairs well with a good Pinor Noir and will definitely warm up the room. Discover Royal Dwarves.

The Golden Glade:

Are you an outdoorsy couple but February is just too cold for picnics? Transport yourself to an Autumnal wonderland with The Golden Glade's aroma of sun-kissed leaves and spices.

Emerald Isle:

Have you always wanted to travel, but for whatever reason, it's just not in the cards for Valentine's Day? Journey to Ireland with one of our most popular candles, Emerald Isle, with its fragrances of fresh ocean air and driftwood.
Speaking of gifting experiences, plan a simple crafting/activity date night by getting any of our signature scents as an Alchemy Kit to make your own candle. You can customize the vessels, even pick two fragrances and blend them together to make something new.

Keep the Romance Alive Year-Round

Why should you only celebrate your beloved once a year? Mythologie's subscription offerings allow you to make them feel like the light of your life again and again.
Get a monthly subscription to their favorite candle fragrance. Choose from our signature scents.  
Gift a monthly Alchemy Kit to make a tradition out of candle making dates, or sign them up for our Candle of the Month for a monthly surprise of a candle handpicked by Mythologie Elves!
Those are our top recommendations for this Valentine's Day. We hope they gave you some great ideas to keep that spark alive.