Discover Enchanted Essential Oils with a Fairy Instructor

Discover Enchanted Essential Oils with a Fairy Instructor

Discover Enchanted Essential Oils with a Fairy Instructor

Meet Your Magical Teacher:

You have traveled far into the woods, down a twisting path lined with trees and growing herbs and dappled with sunlight filtering through the verdant leaves. Ahead the trees arch over the path like a gateway and beyond the forest opens up to a clearing.

A bubbling brook pours over a waterfall into a pool surrounded by moss covered rocks. A wooden bridge crosses this stream leading to a garden choked with every flower and herb imaginable. Beyond this, barely visible through the tangle of greenery, sits a thatched roof cottage, smoke twisting from the crooked chimney.

As you push through the vegetation that threatens to overwhelm the stepping stone path, you begin to smell something … or many things. Mystical fragrances drift on the breeze, the scents entwining, soothing you and leading you closer.

You push through a row of swaying gladiolus and find yourself in a courtyard with a fire pit. A cauldron bubbles over the licking flames while an elegant woman in a stained apron stirs the liquid within. As she turns, you notice tiny, iridescent wings between her shoulder blades. You have found Trillium Herbcutter, the botany fairy.

"Hello, Dear!" she calls. "Have you come to learn about my essential oils? Sit! There's much to learn."

a fairy teaching essential oil magic in the forest

The Magical Properties of Essential Oils

The botany fairy draws you into her workshop. Jars of collected plant material line the shelves, baskets of fruit sit upon the table, and bundles of dried herbs hang from the rafters. A potent, pleasant aroma fills the room, and your stress levels immediately drop.

"I suppose you want the answer to the big question: are essential oils enchanted? Well, let's see what my magic book has to say."

She opens an ancient, leather-bound book. "For ages, healers and magicians have used essential oils and medicinal herbs for their healing properties. Ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, and China used essential oils in practices of both medicine and spirituality. These highly concentrated essential oils are treasured for their purity and how they can extract the essence of a plant and promote health, healing, and protection."

She holds up a vial and sniffs it. "Yes, aromatherapy is truly magic. When I smell certain pure essential oils, they transport me to another plane, as if I'm traveling in my mind.

Here are some of my favorite essential oils, their benefits, and the magical places they can transport you to!"

I Dream in Lavender Candle

The soothing escape of lavender oil

"First we have one of my favorites!"

Trillium picks up a bundle of purple flowers bound with twine. You recognize the plants as blooming lavender.

"It is said that lavender protects one from evil forces of both the spiritual and mundane varieties, but I often apply it to relax during my pre-bedtime routine," Trillium explains. "The scent of lavender is magical. It's also a favorite scent for candles."

She opens a cabinet revealing rows of candles in glass vessels and offers one to you. When you inhale the fragrance, your mind drifts to a field of swaying flowers, abuzz with busy honeybees and fluttering butterflies.

A smile crosses her face. "You feel the magic, don't you? Let's try another one."

Green Thumb candle surrounded by herbs and plant material

The luxurious magic of sandalwood oil

"Sandalwood is often used in spiritual rituals and aromatherapy. Treasured for its magical properties, it could catch quite a price for ancient sellers." Trillium waves her hand and the sound of a marketplace, alive with haggling buyers and merchants selling wares, murmurs around you. She snaps her fingers and it fades away.

"Sandalwood is one of my favorite fragrance essential oils!" she then continues. "It banishes negative energy and even brings good luck! Elves, especially, have a fondness for this essential oil fragrance. They use it in their magical practices. I can't understate the spiritual benefit to surrounding yourself with this fragrance oil! Elves definitely know what they're doing. Here, I'll show you."

She brings out a candle and lights it. As the wax melts, a scent surrounds you, pure and magical.

The room shifts from a small workshop to an open portico with intricately carved arches. Elegant folk glide along the sandalwood paths below you, and you realize you have been transported to a haven of the Elves. Here these ancient beings create their art and sing their songs. The deep creamy warmth of the sandalwood fragrance oil rises from the very wood the portico is crafted from, creating a constant sense of well-being.

You return to the present to see Trillium bringing out a bottle of clear carrier oil. "This is coconut oil, which is my favorite carrier oil, but you can also use jojoba oil or whatever carrier oil feels the best on your skin. Are you ready for the next essential oil? This one is an old favorite."

The protective powers of rosemary oil

You nod, and she brings out the woody stems and dark green leaves of several sprigs of rosemary. "In Medieval times it was commonly thought that rosemary could protect against infection, but I have also heard it can create a barrier to ward off unruly or malicious fae. It has potent cleansing and magical properties. Also, you can use it for love spells." Her tone grows teasing. "Though I imagine you have no need for that, as charming as you are."

You chuckle awkwardly but take the sprig of rosemary from her when she offers it. "Pure rosemary oil is magic indeed. I often combine it with the clary sage to enhance its properties. I even have a candle I love that is rosemary and thyme! So delightful and soothing. It takes me right to my garden whenever I burn it."

The magical incense of frankincense oil

"Frankincense has been a popular anointing essential oil used for centuries, and as you probably know it's often used by magi in their magical practices. It has healing powers, and I incorporate frankincense into my meditations to cleanse my mind and bolster my physical health." She takes out a vial of golden crystals with an earthy, citrusy aroma. "Frankincense is quite precious. It transports me to exotic lands and ancient temples and is the favored essential oil for many scholars."

Prosperity and peppermint oil

"Ah, peppermint." Trillium's eyes twinkle. "This one always makes me feel like Christmas. It's magical that way. Did you know that it's often associated with money and prosperity? Maybe it's the green hue or maybe it's just magic." She giggles. "Well, all the best essential oils really are a little bit magic, but perhaps this one especially?"

She plucks a handful of leaves from a plant growing on the window sill and tosses them into a tea pot which hangs above her fireplace.

"It also makes an excellent tea. Would you like a cup?"

Practical, grounding patchouli oil

You return to the garden with Trillium and sit in the sun which warms your skin. You both hold hot cups of peppermint tea in your hands, letting the steam waft around you.

Trillium raises her face to the light. "Sometimes you need to stop and be mindful for a moment. One of my favorite essential oils for grounding me in the moment and helping me stay relaxed is patchouli oil. It's derived from the leaves of a patchouli plant and has such a rich, musky aroma—perfect for aromatherapy and meditation. Here."

She passes you a vial.

The fragrance rises around you, and the small bit of stress you were holding onto fades away leaving you surrounded by the magic of the patchouli.

You find yourself walking through an ancient temple as smoky incense rises from the altar and gentle music plays in the distance.

Trillium's voice returns you to your physical body.

"It's funny, while magi prefer frankincense, I find that wizards and alchemists adore patchouli. In fact, I once made a candle specifically for an alchemist friend that smells of sandalwood and patchouli. He absolutely adored it! Now when I smell patchouli or sandalwood, I'm transported to his research library, surrounded by old books on magic and arcane knowledge."

the alchemist candle in a lab of essential oil vials, patchouli, sandalwood, cinnamon scent

You comment that you were sent not to an alchemist's research lab but instead a temple, and she nods sagely.

"Yes, the magical properties work different for each individual. In fact, a person may be influenced in various ways depending on their mood. I knew one person who thought that lavender was invigorating rather than soothing for instance."

She sips her tea. "It never ceases to intrigue me, all the different results and magic that mixing essential oils together can produce. Come, let's return to my workshop. Our time here is almost over, and I have much to teach you. You can't just go dabbling in magical practices without proper instruction after all."

Mixing your potions with carrier oils

"Now that you know a little bit about the many essential oils and their magical properties, let me give you some hints as to how to use them," Trillium says. "Pure essential oils are far too strong to be applied topically, you know, so you need to dilute them in a carrier oil, such as jojoba oil, coconut oil, or olive oil, before they can be used as a body oil, for instance. Another amazing way to use essential oils, though, is in scented candles."

She turns back to her cupboard and stands, admiring her collection.

Traveling the Mystical Realms without leaving your home

"I have so many beloved candles. It's magical how they can create whole other worlds with their fragrances. A magi's study can appear in the fragrance of ancient parchment and sweet jasmine. Light a candle with a combination of sandalwood and patchouli and find yourself in an Alchemist's Lab, or enter a magi's research library with the aroma of frankincense. Even something as commonly found as rosemary, when combined with the right magic, can bring you into a secret garden with bumblebees a buzz and butterflies dancing. Simply light the candle and await the desired results."

She turns to you again. "Well, now that I've taught you some of the wonders and magic of essential oils. Do you want in on another secret?"

She looks around as if afraid someone might be listening then lowers her voice to a conspiratorial whisper.

"While I am an expert in certain essential oils and oil magic, between researching the best essential oils, mixing essential oils, harvesting lavender, peppermint, and clary sage, haggling with merchants for frankincense to enhance my essential oils, and all the other things one has to do to keep up a successful magical essential oil workshop—well, deary, I just don't have time to craft my own candles. Thankfully I discovered Mythologie Candles! Their magical portals in a jar—otherwise known as candles—are everything I need to send myself on journeys far and wide, without ever leaving my home or workshop. I can 'travel' while staying in this very room, giving me even more time to craft essential oils."

She hands you a candle that smells of lavender and drying ink, and you find yourself drawn into the stone halls of a medieval monastery, listening to the scratch of quill pens on illuminated manuscript pages.

Book of Kells Candle with notes of lavender, old books

You're already learning to travel with the magic of fragrances. Your life just got a little more enchanted.

Explore the magic of fragrances with Mythologie Candles.

Discover New Arrivals.

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