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How to Choose a Candle for Dungeons and Dragons Night.

How to Choose a Candle for Dungeons and Dragons Night. 

It is time! You've finally got your schedules together to line up. You've rolled the bad luck out of your dice. You've got snacks prepped. Maybe you've gone the extra mile and selected theme appropriate music. Everything is ready for an epic night of Table Top Gaming, dungeon delving, and role-playing …

Or is it?

Halt right there! You shall not pass to start your epic night of gaming until you've considered ALL of your senses.

That's right. You've got the faces of your friends for sight (maybe some minis or an epic map, too?), the tactile joys of dice rolling for touch, the delicious snacks for taste, the music for your hearing, and... what's going on for smell?

It's time to light an epic candle to go with your epic gaming session.

But how do you choose? Well, there are a few different approaches to this.

Pick a candle for the setting.

Do you know if your session will be dungeon delving or maybe shopping in a marketplace? Will you visit a grand temple filled with burning incense and chanting monks? Or maybe an old-growth forest with enemies potentially behind every tree?

If you expect to be traveling through the dripping, earthy tunnels beneath a mountain, consider something like Cave Troll.

That incense-filled temple? Maybe Alchemist!

Want to get spooky? Set the stage for a dusty passage in the sorcerer's lair with Dungeon Crawl!

Let your imagination run wild.

Pick a candle for something specific in the storyline.

Are you going to be using potions or crafting poisons? Light The Alchemist.

Dealing with royalty? Consider something like King Arthur.

Is your wizard copying spells into her spell book? Light Book of Kells to get that goodness of ink and parchment.

Pick a candle YOU love.

Of course, nothing is stopping you from just lighting the candle you personally love the most, but sometimes spending a few minutes going through your candle collection, smelling and carefully choosing which one to use for the big game, can really whet the appetite and get you excited for the big game night.

Enjoy your TTRPG night, Adventurers.

We promise our candles are not mimics.

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