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Introducing Alliance

Experience the wondrous lands and great heroes of Middle-earth with our Alliance Candle Collection, hand-poured in a limited batch! A magical journey in the flame of a candle.
Eight Fragrant, all-natural Fantasy-themed candles, straight from the world of Tolkien. Experience the majesty of an Elven Citadel, the wonder of ancient mines, and the grandeur of the kingdoms of men. Adventure through Middle-Earth in the light of a flickering, crackling wood wick candle.
This collection includes four candle pairings—each with a character candle and a kingdom/location candle! Burn pairs together for an even more intense experience!
What are the pairs?

Dwarven Candles:

🗻 Underground Kingdom 🗻
A bearded smith feeds seasoned wood into a smoking forge. Deep voices chant an ancient song that echoes through halls of stone, deep beneath the mountain. Notes of spruce roots twisting through cool earth of the mountains and leather-wrapped handles of well-used axes.
⚔️ Royal Dwarves ⚔️
The Dwarven lord raises his cup to his lady, a smile on his lips. She accepts the goblet, regarding him with affection as they sit enthroned within their torchlit halls. Notes of stately stone halls and crushed cherries steeping in a goblet of sweet wine.

Elven Candles:

🏰 Elven Citadel 🏰
White spires tower over walls of stone twined with flowering vines, lovely yet impenetrable, a fortress against evil and darkness. Upon the wall, a lord and lady stand, watching, praying, hoping to keep evil at bay for yet a little longer. Notes of sunlit halls and expensive spices wafting over silver bowls of tangy berries and ripe citrus.
🧝‍♀️ Mighty Elven Lady 🧝‍♀️
A slender hand rises in greeting, a single star upon a fair finger. The lady's eyes shine with the light of the stars. Flawless of feature yet ancient in wisdom, she radiates hidden strength. Notes of beguiling oakmoss and rich amber twined about vanilla woods.

Kingdoms of Men Candles:

Isle of the Star
A white tree grows within the citadel. Its branches tremble in a brisk breeze that sweeps downwards, across the sloping green lands to the bustling harbor where the tall ships dart the dazzling sea. Notes of the timbers of great ships, kissed with salty ocean air and sandalwood.
👑 High King of Men 👑
A lord in a winged crown stands on the wall of his fortress. The sun glints upon his golden armor and a mighty sword is sheathed at his side. His realm is rich, his people prosperous. Notes of a warm breeze floating through cashmere curtains, elegant halls, and resinous amber.

Halfling Candles:

🌳 Wilderland 🌳
Between the mountains and the woods, a peaceful valley lies, alive with the babbling of a rushing river and green with life. Notes of sun shining through green leaves along a winding road, drying hay and curling ferns.
🌱 Hidden Folk 🌱
A halfling gathers twigs in the forest, his mind thinking of the delicious meal awaiting him at home. He savors the peace of a simple life and the joys of growing things. Notes of twigs cracking underfoot as swirls of caramelized cream waft through a forest path.

Burn the intended pairings, mix & match, or just choose your favorites. These "alliances" are up to you!

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