What is a Kelpie?

What is a Kelpie?

In the deep pools, the water horse lurks, mane drifting in the current, dark eyes watching for prey.

The mythical Kelpie dwells in the dark waters of Scottish lochs, lying in wait to drag the unwary to their doom.

Often depicted as a beautiful black horse, this clever spirit is a shape shifter who can also appear as a human (though is sometimes said to keep its hooves in that form).

It is said if you touch a Kelpie, you'll find yourself stuck to it, allowing it to carry you away to drown and devour you.

One of the most famous Kelpie haunted bodies of water is said to be Loch Ness, so perhaps the Kelpie and Nessie are friends.

When crafting our Kelpie's Secret candle, we wanted a dark, mysterious but still fresh and watery scent.

The combination of sea salt, water lilies, and driftwood will take you right to the edge of deep, cold waters, where perhaps you will hear a distant splash as the Kelpie breaks the surface.

The Kelpie's Secret Candle

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