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Ancient Yule Festival Sample Pack

Try all 6 scents from our Ancient Yule Festival!

On this, the longest night of the year, the Yule festival begins! When I first step outside I can already hear the festivities in the distance and see the glow of a roaring fire. Above me, vivid green lights dance in the sky, and stars shimmer against the inky black. My feet crunch through frozen snow as I walk, stopping to watch villagers playing dice games and archery as I pass through. The icy wind on my cheeks is replaced by roaring heat as I step into the longhouse and am greeted with the scent of smoke, spilled spirits, and the sound of laughter and song. I grab my drinking horn and fill it with honey-mead as I pull up a chair at the feast... let the night begin!

This Sample Pack includes all 6 scents:

1. The Yule Tree - Notes of fresh air flowing through the pine forest, moss-covered wood, and a touch of musk.

2. Braided Sweetbread - Notes of golden honey with clouds of soft flour, crushed almonds, and a dusting of cinnamon. 

3. Longhouse Hearth - Notes of bright embers, smoky chips of cedarwood, and fragrant herbs crackling in the flames. 

4. Wheel of the Sun - Notes of spiced red berries ripening in winter, mossy branches, and soft musk.

5. The Jarl's Chamber - Notes of musky cedarwood, warming orange, and sweet spices. 

6. Northern Lights - Notes of smoky sandalwood with soft patchouli and a dusting of cracked black pepper.