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The Tudor House Library

Create the ultimate ambiance of a secret library with this warm and spicy scent, perfect for lighting in a home office or creating a cozy space in your home as you read a magical book! Imagine yourself leafing through old tomes and exploring vast shelves of forgotten wisdom and epic tales as you light the wooden wick and listen to it crackle like a mini fireplace.

Leather-bound tomes and dusty parchment spill from every available surface in the secret library where candlelight flickers and dark mahogany shelves extend upwards into the vast high ceiling.

A carved stone fireplace warms a battered armchair sitting nearby, its orange light illuminating the intricate tapestries that adorn the walls, weaving stories of epic battles long past.

Sunlight streams through stained glass as your fingers leaf through the worn pages and leather-bound tomes in search of forbidden books and ancient secrets in this aged place.

Smells Like... Deep amber warmed with citrus spice and vanilla-sweetened patchouli with a touch of clove.

Note: We have a super limited batch of our old 10oz candles in stock, and they will come with one of our cool dust covers instead of a lid. Thanks for understanding!