DIY: How to Make a Lord of The Rings Banner!

DIY: How to Make a Lord of The Rings Banner!

We've all been watching Lord of the Rings at some pointing and caught ourselves admiring the intricate wooden carvings and soft textures of Rivendell, the skilfully embroidered banners of Rohan or the sharp styling of the dwarves.

Most Tolkien fans have caught themselves daydreaming about what it would be like to step into Middle Earth... so why not bring a little of it into your home with a simple DIY that will add the Tolkien vibe to your decor? The best thing is - we made this for FREE! Check out the video + full instructions below.

You will need:
- An old bedsheet or other fabric
- A large twig of your choosing
- Twine or string
- Paint or a marker pen
- A hot glue gun (or another strong glue would work)
- Optional: a printer

1. Take the old bed sheet or fabric of your choosing and cut out a rectangle shape, we cut around an old piece of cardboard to keep it as straight as possible.

2. Fold in the corners of one side to make a pointed triangle for the end of your banner, and use a hot glue gun or another type of glue to glue the edges down.

3. Now to create neat edges, fold in the vertical sides of your banner around 1cm, and glue these down.

4. Either freehand, draw a stencil, or print a picture of the design you would like to use using paint or a marker pen, we used acrylic paint. If you have a stencil or print off, you can place it under the sheet to trace it.

5. Wrap the non-folded edge around your twig and roll it over until it is in the desired place, glue this down so it stays put.

6. Tie a piece of string or twine to either end of the twig, you can also glue this in place for extra security if you like.

7. Voila! Your creation is complete, now you can kick back with some lembas bread and a glass of elven wine and pretend you are in Rivendell!

If you try this DIY, be sure to post it on social media and tag us @mythologiecandles or share in our Facebook group so we can see!

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