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Arriving at the Cottage
Puffy white clouds drift through a blue sky overhead as the sun sits high in the sky. You rest under an apple tree in full blossom, watching the bees going about their business and the white petals drifting down around...
Cozy Video Games for Cottagecore Vibes
When most people think of video games, they think adventure and excitement, fights to the death, battles of good vs evil, platform jumping to save the world. And yeah, all that is awesome, but did you know gaming can be...
Welcome to the Cottage
Take a Walk in a Peaceful Wood The dappled sunlight filters through the pale green leaves above the path as you walk through the quiet woods. A wall of roughly hewn stones lines one side of the path, partially covered...
Leah Talks Cottagecore!
    Our Founder, Leah, Talks about Her Inspiration for the Cottagecore Collection.         You might be wondering, "What is Cottagecore?" First, the word “core” is a 90's term which means genre. There are many out there....

Come to the cottage!

If you love romantic English countryside, thatched cottages and slow living, you'll love our new Cottagecore collection!