Atlas Is Here

Atlas Is Here

Atlas Is Here

A band of stalwart adventurers treads the paths through the wildlands. Their trail winds through great, ancient forests of towering trees, the branches spanning over the path to block out the sun. It climbs the heights of cragged peeks, into mountains covered in snow and hidden in mist. Bravely they descend into the depths beneath the mountain where forgotten evils lurk, guarding the riches of the earth.

Havens of peace and safety await them, pastoral hills of peaceful little folk, tending their gardens, golden woods alive with the songs of stately elves, towering cities that stand as a bulwark against oncoming evil—but danger also lurks. In the east a threat of looming darkness and malice.

Experience a journey through a fantastical land. Whether you choose to dwell in the tranquil valleys of the Elves or dare the heights of the cloud-capped mountains, you will find yourself lost in a land of perilous beauty and time-lost tales.

It's a dangerous business, going out your door, so make your tale an epic journey!

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