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Bringing Immersion to the Rings of Power!

How can you enjoy the Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power on Amazon Prime Video with a more immersive watching experience?

As Tolkien fans know, Amazon's 'Rings of Power' on Prime Video is the upcoming epic fantasy show that will return us to the sprawling lands of Middle Earth. Set in the Middle Earth's "Second Age", three and a half thousand years before The Hobbit and the original Peter Jackson trilogy, the story will follow Galadriel, Celebrimbor and Elrond (among other familiar characters) as well as new heroes with their own major stories to tell.

If you are anything like us, then you are always looking for ways to improve your experience when watching your favorite shows, or playing your favorite games. May we introduce, a match made in heaven; The Rings of Power and The Atlas collection. While we may not know the exact locations the first season the Rings television series will visit, Amazon Studios has shown us some incredible scenes that may give us an idea!


In the character posters we get a glimpse at the first female dwarf on film; Princess Disa played by Sophia Nomvete. A new character to Tolkien lore, it appears we will see her in Moria. At this point in Middle Earth's history, Moria is a thriving city with relative peace, unlike the fallen kingdom shown to us in the Peter Jackson movies. The candle we will be enjoying when we meet this new character is inspired by the Mines of Moria, Drums in the Deep:

A new character created for the Rings Series, Princess Disa will most likely play an important role in this epic story


In the third age Lothlórien is home to Galadriel and her people, where she wields one of the titular rings of power and defends the ancient forest from the Dark Lord Sauron. From what we see in the teaser trailer, it may be the younger Galadriel's (Morfydd Clark) epic journey over the Misty Mountains to make it their home. A perfect compliment to our introduction of Lothlórien in the Second Age is The Golden Glade.

The Misty Mountains

Before Smaug in the Third Age, there were the Dwarves and the Kings Under the Mountain. With the rings series we will get to meet one of them before they hold that moniker; Prince Durin IV (Owain Arthur). To accompany our visit to Prince Durin's halls, we will be burning our candle Mountains Cold!


Among other familiar places we may see, Mirkwood is a likely candidate. For the rings series, promo has shown several original character besides Disa, one of whom is Arondir. While we do not know a lot about him, we do know that he is a Silvan elf. In Middle Earth's history, Silvan elves make their home in Mirkwood. What better immersive tool to accompany us to this fantastic locale than the Whispering Woods.


In all the world of Tolkien's novels, one of the most recognizable places is the beautiful Rivendell. Since the Rings series is set in the Second Age, we will likely see Elrond's founding of this majestic stronghold against the Dark Lord. He may be younger in this series than the Rings films, but we are excited to see the expansion of Elrond's epic tale. We are looking forward to enjoying Valley of the Elves while Elrond gets some screen time!


It seems like this series will be centered around the time that Sauron presents himself with a beautiful visage, but since Orcs are present in the teaser trailer, we may see more of the Dark Lord in the place where he forged the One Ring. While we may not want to actually visit the steps of Mount Doom, we can imagine what the place would be like as we burn Shadowlands!

The Shire

While the Shire is not founded until the Third Age, we still get to see several of the most unlikely heroes of Middle Earth with some original characters created for the Rings series. So our offering to provide some Hobbit immersion is the eponymous Shire candle!


Although we don't see the White city in the Rings of Power teaser trailer, it is likely that we will see Gondor due to the timing in the Second Age. The Rings series takes place at a point in time where Númenor is approaching its downfall. Hopefully we are able to return to the grand city of Gondor, with The White City


Honorable mentions Inside and Out of Middle Earth's Second Age

Fangorn Forest

In the teaser trailer, we get a glimpse of what could potentially be Ents and their long-fabled wives. At some point in the Second Age, the Ent Wives were eliminated by the Dark Lord Sauron. Our Guild exclusive candle Treewives will be a great companion if or when we meet the legendary ladies. A secondary honorable mention for these scenes is another Guild exclusive Tale Inspired candle Bearded Tree to pair with the more gentlemanly Ents. Come and join the Mythologie Candle Guild to gain access to the Candle Vault, special shipping prices, Guild-only candles, early access, online events, and more!


With our final addition to the Atlas collection, we have a candle inspired by Rohan and the Rohirrim. This candle earns a spot on the list since it was one of the most well-known locations in Middle Earth, however, it was not founded until the Third Age. Should you like to revisit the Peter Jackson Trilogy, Realm of the Riders will be a perfect companion for The Battle of Helm's Deep, or the Charge of the Rohirrim.

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