Candles for SPRING!

Candles for SPRING!

Happy First Day of Spring!

Every change of the seasons is an opportunity for reflection. Spring in particular is a time of new beginnings. A chance to shake off the snow and watch the world turn green with new life and possibilities. 

It's a time to plant gardens, enjoy nature, and just rejoice in making it through the dark, cold times.

Our suggestions: buy yourself flowers! If you can visit baby animals do so, but if you're unable to travel to one in person, watch some cute animal videos. Crack open that book you've been meaning to read and read it in the sun, and open your windows the first chance you get. 

If you want an even simpler way to enhance your Spring, here are our suggestions for the best candles with Spring vibes.

The Shire

The shire candle

Hobbits are all about gardens and green things. Our Shire candle has notes of basil and blackberry, the buzz of happy bees and honeyed ginger, making it the ultimate Spring treat.

Discover The Shire

The Angry Leprechaun

Angry leprechaun

Even after St. Patrick's Day, this cheery green candle is fun to burn. Fresh fragrances of loganberries, eucalyptus, and bergamot will brighten your spaces.

Meet the Angry Leprechaun

Valley of the Elves 

valley of the elves with books

Like Hobbits, Elves love to live in sync with nature. They also know how to take their time and enjoy the finer things in life, celebrating art and beauty. With this in mind, the Valley of the Elves candle is designed to be inspiring, with luxurious scents of cashmere and vanilla orchid.

Visit the Valley of the Elves

Sword & Thistle 

sword and thistle

For some of us, rather than bringing out our homey "nesting" instincts, Spring awakens the call for ADVENTURE! We want to roam the green hills, exploring and experiencing the wild. For this, we suggest Sword & Thistle. This scent EXPLODES with rain soaked green grass and fresh earth. 

Claim Sword & Thistle

I Am No Man

I am No man

Spring is a time of new life, so it makes sense to celebrate mothers. I Am No Man was originally our 2022 Mother's Day candle, but the fragrance proved so popular, we kept it available after the holiday. Even if you aren't a mother (or planning to buy this for your mom) this soothing floral candle is sure to please. The rose notes are softened with a hint of fresh mint. It's amazing.

Find I Am No Man

What do you think of our picks? What sorts of fragrances do you like for Spring?

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