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Mythologie Elves Recommend Books!

World Book Day is April 23rd, 2023! 

We hope you find a chance to sit down with a great book and read. To help you find your next favorite story, we asked our Mythologie Elves for recommendations.

Here are some of their picks:

"One of my favorite books is The Book of M by Peng Shepherd, which is unlike any book I’ve ever read in the best way. The story begins in India where a man’s shadow disappears. This strange experience then spreads like a nightmarish plague all over the world. Those who lose their shadows gain a new power, but they also lose their memories. Shepherd’s imagination is immense and I became so engrossed in the story that I began to check for my shadow from time to time. I recommend reading it at night by the flickering flame of Shadowlands for the ominous vibe of the book, and Cave Troll for the trek through forests and other land to find a cure."
- Jenni, Community Manager

"The Six of Crows duology is definitely my favorite! I cannot pick between the two. As for candles, definitely either Fjord Snow Queen or Old Man Winter for Six of Crows itself, and Dwarven Forge or The Dullahan for Crooked Kingdom. They get the vibe of the main locations of the two books."
- Makenzie, Shipping Assistant

"I am currently reading The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo and loving it! It is surprisingly funny and entertaining while moving and dark at times; perfect for those cloudy Spring days. It's fascinating to read the origin of the Disney movie! I would recommend burning The White City or Shadowlands from the Atlas collection for a crisp "city" scent or a spookier "dark" and ominous scent for the darker scenes."
- Stacy, Customer Service Wizard

"My favorite book I read last year was Seaspoken by Sarah Delena White. It's this breathless, poetic mermaid romance featuring epic action and magic and a lot of kissing (though it stays pretty PG. I'd let my fifteen-year-old read it). You can pair it with Isle of the Star for that mix of sea air and ship's timbers."
- Heidi, Copywriter

"I really loved the worldbuilding and character relationships in Oath of the Outcast and Blood of the Seer by C.M. Banschbach. Anything from the Braveheart collection would pair perfectly with this duology, but particularly For Kilt and Clan!"
- Bri, Social Media Manager

What do you think? Have you read any of these? Are you thinking about picking one up? 

Whatever you're reading, we hope you have an awesome World Book Day!