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Trick or Treat! Candles and Candy

You find yourself staring into a plastic orange pumpkin, filled to the brim with every sweet treat you could imagine.

Which do YOU choose? 

Licorice as black as a bat?
Sweet candy apples?
Fresh out of the oven pastries?
Red hot cinnamon drops?
Smooth, soothing chocolate?
Whatever your candy fix, we've got candles that will be an absolute TREAT for you!


With notes of sweet licorice tempered by wafting smoke, Caught in a Web is a spooky, nostalgic scent that will remind you of stepping into a candy shop on a fall afternoon.

licorice candy and candle

Candy Apples

Would your Autumn not be complete without apple picking? You'll love the orchardy-goodness of The Dark Hedges. A spooky, atmospheric scent featuring apples and a hint of tobacco.  

Candy apples and Dark Hedges


Do you desire buttery, flakey goodness? Maybe with a hint of sweet spice? We suggest Samhain Harvest for notes of almond pastries dripping with butter and clove.
pastries and samhain harvest candle

Cinnamon Red Hots

If you prefer spice to sugar, the cinnamon notes of The Dullahan will set your world on fire. We love this warm, soothing fragrance, and we know you will too.

red hots and dullahan


Always the first to get snatched up, chocolate is undeniably treasured by trick or treaters of all ages. Is it your favorite? The Halflings candle has delightful notes of cocoa blended with oatmeal stout. 

 chocolate and the halflings

So what have you filled your candy stash with? Are there any candy notes we missed? Drop by our Facebook group and tell us YOUR favorite candies.

Who knows? They might end up in an upcoming collection.

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