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Tolkien Tidings July 13th, 2022 Edition
Welcome to the Inaugural Edition of the Tolkien Tidings newsletter. Our quest is to bring you an up-to-date and carefully curated list of Tolkien-related content from around the internet as well as exclusive original content from Tolkien-inspired stories to interviews...
Tolkien Tidings August 3rd, 2022 Edition
With only a month left before Rings of Power premieres, this feels a bit like the calm before the storm, or should we say the deep breath before the plunge? Are you ready to explore? Beacons are Lit!Illuminating News and...
Tolkien Tidings August 10th, 2022 Edition
We're looking forward to another great week with you! We hope you find some time to do some reading, watching, or gaming in Middle-earth, but first, check out these articles and videos. Maybe they'll give you some inspiration. Are you...
A Guide to the Classes and Their Candles, DnD 5e
A brief guide to the classes of DnD, and the candles to pair with them for immersive gaming!
Mystical Autumn Returns
Mystical Autumn Returns The magical, fall-time scents of Mystical Autumn are returning! Experience the magic  Try all 6 scents from our otherworldly Autumn collection! 🍂The glowing warmth of deep incense and earthy spices will keep you warm, or allow soft...
The Dragon and the Candlemaker

A Bedtime Story

Once upon a time there was a charming village named Cozyville filled with happy, contented people and delightful, homey homes and bright, well-kept shops. Everyone in Cozyville loved making things just so. The baker loved to bake fresh breads and cinnamon cakes, the scents of rising dough and vanilla sugar wafting from his ovens. The tea shop had perfectly polished porcelain from which she would pour her carefully steeped and brewed concoctions of teas and herbs, and of course every home had a roaring fireplace and a comfy chair next to a stack of the most delightfully aged, leather bound books. 

Discover the Discovery Box
Whenever our Mythologie Elves come up with new and magical ways to bring you candle magic, there's always a moment of, "Great, but how do I use this?" If you have seen us talking about the new Discovery Box, maybe...
How to Choose a Candle for Dungeons and Dragons Night.

It's time to light an epic candle to go with your epic gaming session.

But how do you choose? Well, there are a few different approaches to this.

The Man Behind 'Voice of Geekdom'
Meet the man behind the Youtube channel, 'Voice of Geekdom'! Daniel Bone has a deep knowledge of Tolkien and his legendarium. Learn what inspired Dan to delve into Tolkien and what continues to fuel his passion for Middle Earth! You'll...
The Man Behind 'Men of the West'

Do you ever want to know more about the people bringing us the best Tolkien content on the web? What drives them, how did they come to know so much?How can we support their work? 

Well you are in for a treat! Yoystan is the creator behind the popular Youtube channel "Men of the West"! 

Atlas Is Here
Atlas Is Here A band of stalwart adventurers treads the paths through the wildlands. Their trail winds through great, ancient forests of towering trees, the branches spanning over the path to block out the sun. It climbs the heights of...
A Journey Through Atlas
Names of cities, kingdoms, and other landmarks are labeled with intriguing names, some in languages you do not speak. The endless possibilities of this sweeping landscape, the valleys, rivers, and villages, intrigue and thrill you. How you wish you could enter this wondrous world.
Bringing Immersion to the Rings of Power!
If you are anything like us, then you are always looking for ways to improve your experience when watching your favorite shows, or playing your favorite games. May we introduce, a match made in heaven; The Rings of Power and The Atlas collection.
A Walk Through the Shire
A Walk Through the Shire You walk along a winding dirt path in the late afternoon. It is warm, and bees buzz noisily in the blackberry thicket nearby. Somehow you have lost your shoes, but the packed earth feels warm...
Book, Tea, & Candle: Creating a cozy reading experience
There's nothing quite like getting lost in a book. You open the pages and find yourself swept away. Sometimes, though, it can be hard to find get in the right headspace to relax after a busy week.
To help, we've put together a list of ways to improve your reading immersion.
Can you solve our riddles?
🤔 Can you solve our riddles? 🤔   A new candle collection is coming, but for now, our Mythologie Elves are keeping it secret and safe. What CAN we tell you? ​Well … it has NINE new candles. The collection name will be revealed on...
Level up your Summer Fun with Candles
Level up your Summer Fun with Candles Ah, summer … the perfect time for pool parties, beach combing, backyard barbeque, and … candles? It's true, many people don't think of candles in summer. Maybe they associate the flickering of flames...
Braveheart Word Search!
  Can you solve the Braveheart word search?     Do you like puzzles? We've put together a word search with Braveheart and Scottish themed words in it. See if you can find them all!   (Warning: the answers are...
Visit the Realm of Braveheart
Take a magical journey through the realm of Braveheart! A rusty feathered crossbill rests upon the branch of a twisted hawthorn overlooking a quiet harbor. Boats moor before a bustling fishing village with hard-working, salt-rimed folk bringing in their fresh,...
Take Shelter in a Highland Hall
Take Shelter in a Highland Hall You walk along an ancient path through the rolling green hills. Bees buzz among the heather and sheep feed in the distance. Above you stretches a gray-washed sky. Ahead a set of ancient rickety...
The Fellowship Gathers
  Heroes Gather, a Fellowship is Formed!   The dawn breaks over the sheltered valley and birdsong blends with the rushing of the river. The air is fresh, the sky clear, but a great weight lies over the residents. They...