Meet the Mythologie Animals!

Meet the Mythologie Animals!

The Mythologie household is a full one! Apart from my 5 children, we also have a ton of animals to care for, so what better way to introduce each pet than letting my children tell you a little bit about them...

"Thorin and Gimli are without a doubt my favorite. I remember the opening the present box they were in last Christmas. We bonded immediately! Gimli is a quite the funny character. When he is hungry or wants attention he will come to me meowing because he knows I will give in and give him whatever he wants. He is just too cute!" - Ryder (14)

"Thorin also does similar things, but the special thing about him is his purr; I'm sure he could beat the world record! Sometimes Thorin and Gimli will fight for the tallest spot on the cat tree. It's pretty funny to watch." - Ryder (14)


"Blossom is a female blood red striped corn snake. She is always hungry and will eat any time when she can. She eats fuzzies once a week. She is 3 feet long, and three years old and is very sweet! She is very healthy and very cute!" - Geneva (9)

"Galadriel is a female normal/wild type corn snake. She is a 1 inch long and only a couple weeks old. She is very very sweet and nice! She eats pinkies 2 times a week! She is very healthy! I bought her from First Strike Snakes online and she came home very safe!" - Geneva (9)

Princess Buttercup is a female Holland Lop Chocolate Tort bunny. She is 4 months old and is a very picky bunny, but is very loving, and is loved! She will dig and nip me when she loves me or what I'm doing, she is so cute and is a very spoiled little princess. Somtimes when I'm on my bed I'll let her run around on it while I practice singing with my sisters." -Victory (11)

"Pumpkin is a female Holland Lop Black Tort bunny. She is 2 months old and likes to nip my fingers! Sometimes I bleed, but she only nips because she's happy. I love it when she zooms and her adorable ears flap behind her! She has extremely soft fur. Her nose is squishy, I love giving her smooches!!" - Elektra (13)

"Primrose is a female 2 year old Leopard Gecko. She loves her crickets and is very friendly. She likes to climb up my arm. Sometimes when I am holding her in my hand Primrose will literally walk off my hand. She doesn't care if she splats onto my bed. I love her so much!" -Elektra (13)

"Beetle" He is black. I found him outside. He was very slow. "- Archer (6)

Do you have any pets? :)

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  • Briana Elliott

    i have one cat named Saphfyre she must be about 15 years old now i’ve had her forever i got her from a shelter after my first cat Loki a brown burmese passed away, my mum also owns a white west highland terrier named Gizmo

  • Briana Rawn

    I have a 3 year old black cat named Jiji after the cat in Kiki’s Delivery Service by Studio Ghibli! He loves belly rubs and his catnip mice 😊 Speaking of Studio Ghibli, I think that would be a good candle theme!

  • Erinn Carey

    We are lucky enough to have three rescue kittens in our home. Two were siblings we would not see torn apart: Sabrina and Gandalf. The third is Pasha. They have bonded and are a playful, snuggly pride all their own. They rule the house, commanding us with their adorable faces and chortling purrs. They thunder through the house at 6 am and stare at squirrels cracking nuts just outside the window.

  • J Pepper

    I have 6 pets. I have 2 whippet dogs, Lola and Eevee and 4 cats, Nigel, Max, Sophie and Luke. I also have 3 teen daughters that love Critical Role. My 15 year old is the family DM and all 5 of the family play together. Not quite as many people and critters as you have but enough!

  • Veronica

    Such a sweet post, and the animal photos are fantastic!

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